About us

Bikana started out as a small idea in Venezuela and has gradually become a great dream. Ana Evelina Peña a Venezuelan woman began with the idea of ​​creating personal pieces of bathing suits, designing her own styles and combinations, and decided to start designing collections and bikinis that cover her needs and those of her customers. Her decided to follow hers passion and dedication for design and created a own brand.

Bikana Swimwear is a brand of swimwear that offers its customers high quality designs. Her creations are a mixture of exquisite and printed colors, used for the elaboration of each piece and thus satisfy the needs of sophisticated and modern women. Each collection is designed to guarantee an innovative, authentic and magical concept for each occasion, adapting to each woman’s style. Bikana is dedicated to the design, production and distribution of swimwear. Currently her collections are made in Lima – Peru and Mexico City – Mexico, with high quality of export and details made by wonderful artisans. It’s main office moved in 2022 to Madrid – Spain.