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Thank you for shopping at This privacy policy derived from the requirements of the Federal Personal Data Protection Act describes the information we collect about you on our website, how we use information and options to review and / or restrict the use of this information. collects customer information to communicate about our products and promotions, to improve the performance of our operations on our website. We collect information such as your name, last name, address, email, zip code and credit or debit card numbers, that you provide to us when you place an order. Bikana may use your information to process your order.  We also collect e-mail addresses at various locations within the site including when you order from the site so that we can send you any necessary e-mail messages related to your order such as an order confirmation notice, as well as send you other information that we believe may be of interest to you. In addition, we maintain a record of your product interests, purchases and whatever else might enable us to enhance and personalize your shopping experience. We also monitor site use and traffic patterns to improve our web site design, the products and services we offer and the way in which we offer them. recognizes that it must maintain and use customer information responsibly.

Your personal data will be processed only for the time necessary to fulfill the described objectives and / or in accordance with the established by the applicable laws.

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